Frequently Asked Questions

What the heck is this?

The Paladins Community Competitive League is simply an organization created for competitive Paladins gameplay. One of the main purposes of this league is to truly bridge the gap between the Paladins in-game competitive mode and the tournaments that Hi-Rez Studios has to offer.

The aim of the game is simply three things; Paladins, esports, and bringing people together through competitive gameplay. After my experience with esports, the thought for this organization came as a great idea to not only offer a more competitive environment for more Paladins players but to also bring the community even closer together!

Cool! How do I sign up?

There are two easy ways that you can participate in the Paladins Community Competitive League, and they are dependent on if you would like to be a team leader, or if you would like to join a team. If being a team leader is up your alley, you can sign your team up by filling out the "CREATE A TEAM" form on our Entry page on this website. Afterward, join our Discord and post in the "LFP" text channel to request some new players to join you! (This is assuming you don't have teammates before signing up.)If you would rather search for and join a team, hop into our Discord and post an "LFT" post in our "LFT" text channel! Our community is growing daily, so someone is sure to message you.

So what are the matches like? Is this a tournament?

NO. For the hundredth time, this is NOT a tournament. This is a league. In this league, we have seasons. Each season currently lasts six weeks. The first four weeks are the regular season. During the regular season, every weekend, teams will be assigned opponents and will face off in a best 3 of 5 format. Each match will determine the outcome of each team's rank. The ranks are based on wins, losses, and average performance. Once the four-week regular season has concluded, the season will enter a two-week long playoffs season. The playoffs will consist of a single-elimination bracket mini-tournament. The first week of the playoffs is the Semi-Finals. The second week is the Finals.

Are there any rewards / prizes?

Our pilot season, unfortunately, did not offer any prizes. However, Season 8 of PCCL is going to offer huge in-game rewards to the top teams of each region (and hopefully, each skill division, should that be implemented)! Currently, we're looking at 1200 crystals per player to first place teams, 800 crystals per player to second place teams, 600 crystals per player to third place teams. Prizes are supplied by Hi Rez Studios. A minimum of 8 teams for the entire regular season is required for prizes. 

How many teams / players have signed up so far?

You can easily check that by heading over to our Teams page! Just click the dropdown button from "5v5" that says "Season 8 Teams" in the menu bar above.

When is this kicking off?

Our pilot season, or "Season 0", officially had its first match on the first weekend of March 2017. Season 8 is scheduled to launch on the first weekend of November (11/3 - 11/4). Our sign-ups will re-open on Wednesday, October 17th, our team sign-ups will close on Wednesday, October 31st.

What if a team doesn't show up at match time?

The opposing team will receive an automatic win! Easy as that. If neither teams show up, their scores, points, wins, and losses will not change, meaning that the teams that DO show up will advance higher than the teams that don't, naturally.

How does the ranking system work?

Ranks are determined by match outcomes. If two teams have the same match win-loss ratio, their ranks will be determined by total game outcomes, or scores. If two teams have the same game win-loss ratio, their ranks will be determined by individual game outcomes, or points. If two teams have the same match win-loss ratio, game win-loss ratio, and scored the same amount of points each game, we will use a formula to determine the average performance of each team during each individual game to determine what the teams' rankings should be, based upon scoreboard screenshots. However, please keep in mind that rankings will ultimately be determined by the administrators for the best of the league! This can be to, say, prevent teams that played three games in a match from ranking higher than those that didn't. In this league, balancing is important, and our administrators will see that through.