Season 1 Playoffs:
Grand Finals

A big round of applause to the champions of the Paladins Community Competitive League's Season 1! There were some hard fought...

Season 1 Playoffs:
Week 1

We have officially arrived at our Season 1 Playoffs! Any and all information you need to know about the playoffs are...

Latest News

08/11/18 - 08/12/18 S7 W1
08/25/18 - 08/26/18  S7 W3
09/08/18 - 09/09/18  S7 Playoffs W1

S7 W2 08/18/18 - 08/19/18
S7 W4  09/01/18 - 09/02/18
S7 Playoffs Grand Finals 09/15/18 - 09/16/18 

Important Dates

Schedules will always be announced the Wednesday before each match weekend.

Playoffs brackets will always be announced the Wednesday before the first week of playoffs, as well.

All sign-ups will open/close on the specified day at 2:00PM PACIFIC TIME.

We have officially arrived at the conclusion of Season 1. It's time for the Grand Finals! Big congratulations to all of the...

Season 1 Champions!
Season 2 Announced

It's officially time for the 2017 summer season of the PCCL. It's time for Season 2! All dates for Season 2 have been posted on our home...